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Wall Street Journal, Entergy, Nuclear Lies...Taking on Mr. Leonard

Below is a rebuttal I wrote to Entergy's Leonard regarding an interview he did with the Wall Street Journal...because our Press now routinely stifles free speech, it is doubtful they let my rant go through on their electronic response area so I took the liberty of a copy past to here, and expanded on what I wrote there. Find it sad that the Wall Street Journal would put out a major article on Obama's Cap and Trade and tag a Nuclear Industry's worst polluter as the mouth piece in favor of it since Cap and Trade is nothing more than a nuclear subsidy hidden as a means to save us from Global Warming.

First, a few things about myself:

A) I was the founder and creator of the Anti Nuclear Blog Green Nuclear Butterfly as well as this Green Nuclear Underground Blog.

B) I with others including Remy Chevalier from Rock the Reactors founded FUSE USA to oppose the wrongful relicensing of Entergy's Indian Point Reactors which are leaking cancer causing tritium and strontium 90 into my/our environment, and the Hudson River just 24 miles upstream from New York City. (It is noted here as one example, that on or about February 21 of this year a MAJOR PIPE BURST dumped over 100,000 gallons of tritiated water into the Hudson via Indian Points discharge canal.

C) Nuclear Energy does cause cancer...the NRC, DOD, DOE and the NEI along with the nuclear industry have decided a certain number of cancers in the name of National Security and the best interest of America are a man who's wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year, as someone living less than three miles from Indian Point I respectfully disagree, and wish to disagree with some of the falsehoods presented in J. Wayne Leonard's Propaganda piece in your publication.

J. Wayne Leonard, chairman and CEO of Entergy Corp., one of the largest U.S. energy companies and the No. 2 generator of nuclear power, is no stranger to the many contradictions of American energy policy. "Every body's gums are still bleeding from the '70s," he says of nuclear power, noting that today's technology is far superior to its Three Mile Island vintage.

This sounds good...only one problem Mr. Leonard...most [as in all] of the reactors in operation today are of the same or older vintage knowledge as that associated with Three Mile fact, the Nuclear Reactors at Indian Point are some of the earliest ever approved and built in America. The technology that might be used in building lets say the GE AP1000 reactors is not the technology that is employed in America's 104 Reactors. How many New Yorkers, how many Americans are aware of what a Generic Letter is?

A Generic Letter is issued when numerous reactor owners suddenly realize they cannot meet certain 10 CFR regulations, cannot meet existing safety standards because parts are no longer made, or equipment is old and does not work as well as it used to (analog control rooms as example), or (as is the case in control rooms) today's new young Nuclear Employees have no idea how to operate the ancient analog systems that are keeping these bandaged together behemoths up and running. When this happens, the NRC issues a Generic Letter that admits there is a problem, and since it is a problem many reactor owners are having, they are WAIVING a certain rule or safety standard that the nuclear reactor licensees are supposed to abide by. I can understand a few of these...what the NRC and Mr. Leonard do not want you to know, is that there are over THREE THOUSAND OF THESE EXEMPTIONS IN PLACE. Think about it...three thousand safety standards and/or rules meant to protect us have been set aside.

Mr Leonard's claim that he is concerned about CLIMATE CHANGE is laughable...I would suggest you look at his and the Shaw Groups positions in various and assorted companies that will be at the Van Guard of the Nuclear Renaissance if and when it occurs...simply stated, if Leonard can successfully fool America into giving the Nuclear Industry a $9-15 Trillion dollar bailout in the form of loan guarantees, free government money, a waiver of liability with the Price Anderson Act, and get us to pick up the tab for both fuel and waste by using OUR TAX DOLLARS to build both enrichment facilities, and a as yet unproven GNEP fuel reprocessing program and plant, he might one day realize his dream of being the Universe's first Trillionaire.

Maybe the Wall Street Journal needs to go back a bit, research the original plan for the Nuclear Industry to reinvent itself by stealing the Green Mantle from Grass Roots Environmentalist by falsely painting Nuclear Energy as CO2 Free, Vital, Safe, Secure, Green is none of these. If you look at the entire commercial/military fuel cycle cradle to grave, Nuclear is on par with Clean that an inconvenient truth. Ask Mr. Leonard about the Atlanta Seven...their meeting at a posh hotel close to the Atlanta Airport, the creation from that meeting of NuStart...want to talk about NEI and CASEnergy...if you do your research, CASEnergy was/is funded by the Nuclear Industry through NEI. OH... another inconvenient truth. I bring this up for a good reason...

Cap and Trade. The little dark secret Nuclear does not want us to figure out. Cap and Trade is the TOP SECRET NUCLEAR SUBSIDY, the little CHEAT that will make NUCLEAR COST EFFECT WHEN COMPARED TO OTHER ENERGY SOURCES. Nuclear cannot compete financially with ANY ENERGY SOURCE ,renewable or otherwise without CAP AND TRADE...even worse...CAP AND TRADE A) makes their energy affordable, while B) building them (reactor owners) a new stream of income through selling all the carbon credits they are planning on creating...WOW, WHAT A SWEET HEART DEAL THERE Mr. LEONARD, and you get to GREEN WASH YOURSELF AND ENTERGY IN THE BARGAIN?

Lets have a PARADIGM shift Mr. Leonard...start with some honesty.

1. Nuclear has received in excess of 40 percent of the ENERGY money created with our tax dollars and funneled through DOE...OIl and Gas got most of what is left. We need to change that, need most of the money to go to REAL GREEN ENERGY so that Wind, Solar, Geo-Thermal, Hydro and others can reach economy of scale. (You do not want that to happen Mr. Leonard)

2. Our Grid is 125 years old...the time for a NEW GREEN GRID controlled BY THE PEOPLE has come...Smart Grid anyone.

3. Isn't it true that about 60 percent of carbon comes from CARS? NEI wants Tax payers to pick up the tab for 200 new Nuclear Reactors at an estimated cost of $10-15 Billion Dollars each. (I note here that the last ten nuclear reactor projects have had 300 percent cost over runs) That would make the per reactor cost 30-45 Billion many Trillion is that Mr. Leonard? Here is my point...we can completely rebuild the entire city of Detroit, rebuild the BIG THREE automakers into the best Auto Manufacturing Group in the world, and do it all for less than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS while creating MILLIONS OF JOBS...Green Cars any one? By the way, for another $200 Million we can build the infrastructure to make the batteries. Give me another half a trillion, and I will show you how American can be the leading producer of Wind, Solar and Geo Thermal for the entire world.

France's nuclear power poster child has a money meltdown

PARIS, FRANCE The myth of a successful nuclear power industry in France has melted into financial chaos.

With it dies the corporate-hyped poster child for a "nuclear renaissance" of new reactor construction that is drowning in red ink and radioactive waste.

Areva, France's nationally owned corporate atomic fa├žade, has plunged into a deep financial crisis led by a devastating shortage of cash.

Electricite de France, the French national utility, has been raided by European Union officials charging that its price-fixing may be undermining competition throughout the continent. Delays and cost overruns continue to escalate at Areva's catastrophic Olkiluoto reactor construction project in Finland. Areva has admitted to a $2.2 billion, or 55%, cost increase in the Finnish building site after three and a half years. The Flamanville project — the only one now being built in France — is already over $1 billion more expensive than projected after a single year under construction

4. OFF GRID Small Wind, Solar, Geo-Thermal and Hydro...lets be honest here Mr. Leonard...the ELECTRIC INDUSTRY STEERS DOE and America away from this, does everything to keep it from happening, as it would TAKE OUR MONEY OUT OF YOUR POCKET! OUCH...tell me the truth here Mr. Leonard...Do you want to save us from Climate Change, or become a Trillionaire? AS long as we are on this subject, let me dispel a know the one...These energy forms do not create BASE LOAD...who cares...they do FREE UP BASE LOAD. Isn't it true Mr. Leonard, that most days we have about a 40 percent OVER CAPACITY ON THE GRID? Base Load is only really important during PEAK USAGE DAYS, and massive installation of small renewable energy would eliminate much of that demand on the grid, free up that energy for INDUSTRIAL PURPOSES.

By the come you and the nuclear energy never talk about WATER, PEAK WATER and Nuclear Energy? Do you know where a lot of our Global Warming is coming from Mr. Leonard? Two primary sources....

1. Lost Canopy you know where a major portion of this lost CANOPY COVER COMES FROM Mr. Leonard? World Wide UTILITY EASEMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS. See, here is the dirty little secret in the utility industry. Maintenance work (cutting down trees) is a pass through expense pushed through and billed to the end line utility subscribers. Infrastructure upgrades on the other hand, equipment improvements come out of your profits. Now Mr. Leonard, do you want to tell the Wall Street Journal Readers the truth or should I? Readers, there are equipment/structural improvements that could be implemented which would A) decrease needless destruction of trees (and thus canopy cover loss)by eliminating about 90 percent of tree maintenance, and B) use of this equipment WOULD LOWER OUR UTILITY BILLS.

*as example, just here in America we lose over 100,000 mature trees a year to utility line is noted here, that the utility industry does not consider a tree a tree until it has a diameter (four foot above the ground) of at least six inches. Below that diameter, they do not keep inventory.

2. WATER...using Indian Point as example. First thing most people do not know about nuclear reactors...if it gets to hot (Global Warming), if the temperature of the water source (Lake or River) gets to warm, or if drought lowers the supply of water, nuclear reactors have to be shut down. We need to factor this reality into the equation, need to decide if we want our water for food and product production, or used for electricity. Lets set that aside.


Indian Point sucks into its reactor over 2.4 Billion gallons of water each day of the year. That water is fed through the reactors, then spit back into the Hudson River at 105 degrees. Ignoring the FISH KILLS, think about that contribution to the warming of the world's oceans...especially when you multiply that times how many reactors around the world (currently over 400, but Mr. Leonard wants the world to build over 2000 new ones).

Why has the Nuclear Industry, NEI and the NRC refused to conduct the IMPORTANT studies NECESSARY to determine the effects of the utility industry's heated waters on Global Warming? What is a fair price for dumping a 105 degree gallon of water into the river? A nickel? Multiply that times say 2.4 Billion gallons of water each day. What's good for Carbon should be good for other causal agents contributing to Global Warming. How about ten dollars for each cubic foot of canopy cover (nature's scrubbers and CO2 capture machines)...I'm thinking maybe five bucks? Average tree cut down by the utility industry has about 1200 cubic foot of canopy cover.

LOVE THE Carbon Auction theory...let the RICH GET RICHER...go out, buy them cheap, sell them HIGH later in the year. Bank them for a dirty project there Mr. Leonard? to share with our readers Entergy's involvements in COAL?

Clean Coal a Must, Says Entergy CEO

I sat down yesterday with J. Wayne Leonard, the New Orleans-based CEO of Entergy and the latest utility executive to get on the climate-change train. Leonard, native to my state, ravaged both by Katrina and by the petroleum ...READ»

Carbon Tax...let me guess Mr. Leonard...a carbon tax is an INSTANT PASS THROUGH to the retail rate pollute, you avoid improving your aging equipment, and we the ratepayers pick up the tab...kind of like you did in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina...want to talk about your $300 Million Dollar RAPE of New many houses could have been built with that money in the Ninth Ward you VIPER? Especially since your company's profits that year would have allowed you to pay for your OWN EQUIPMENT REPAIRS and still have turned a tidy profit.

I disagree with Mr Leonard's China an ideal Green World Economy, goods and services created and produced in environmentally unfriendly manners are short, the Green Free Market once trained to True Green Shopping Practices would act as Global Warming Police with our wallets...China would be reined in, forced to change its ways. His RETROFIT SCENARIO...curious there Mr. Leonard...would your deals with Shaw Group and other piping and technology holdings see Entergy benefiting greatly from this retro fit Coal scheme?

I find Mr Leonard's concerns about Congress and renewable laughable...NEI and the Nuclear industry are one of the most powerful lobbying groups on Capital Hill. They by far have the largest Government subsidy of any ENERGY SOURCE in the world...factor in their WAIVER OF LIABILITY given them through the Price Anderson Act, and it is no contest...simply stated, if you leveled the playing field, got rid of Price Anderson Act protections that waive nuclear industry liability while precluding home owners from protecting their properties through the purchase of nuclear insurance, make the industry pay for its own FUEL FABRICATION FACILITIES, and make them actually DISPOSE OF THEIR OWN WASTES instead of forcing the costs off on the tax payer as another subsidy, and Nuclear COULD NOT far, in fact at a cost factor of over 10-1, Nuclear Energy is the MOST EXPENSIVE ENERGY SOURCE IN THE WORLD.

Do yourselves a favor up President Obama, your elected officials and tell them there is a better way than CAP AND TRADE...we do not need to give the nuclear industry another subsidy, nor a FREE secondary source of income. Cap and Trade is the Nuclear Industry's ONLY PRAYER for a Nuclear Renaissance, or is that resucitation?


On the one hand, environmentalists claim that climate change is a "planetary emergency," perhaps the greatest threat ever to face humanity. On the other, nuclear energy is still verboten in the green catechism -- despite the fact that it provides roughly one-fifth of U.S. electricity, all of it free of carbon emissions. And without more nuclear power, it is nearly impossible to see even the glimmers of any low-emission future.

[The Weekend Interview] Zina Saunders

J. Wayne Leonard, chairman and CEO of Entergy Corp., one of the largest U.S. energy companies and the No. 2 generator of nuclear power, is no stranger to the many contradictions of American energy policy. "Everybody's gums are still bleeding from the '70s," he says of nuclear power, noting that today's technology is far superior to its Three Mile Island vintage.

The avuncular Mr. Leonard, who lives in Louisiana, made his name in nuclear, and over the last nine years as Entergy CEO he has achieved the highest total shareholder return in the nuclear power industry. But now his thoughts are concentrated on more lasting matters -- namely, his deep-seated concern about climate change.

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