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USS Hartford Cover Up...Chief Blanket The Staff of Rear Admiral Frank Thorp

It should come as no surprise to find out the Chief of The "USS Hartford Liars Den" in the Navy's attempts to cover up the truth is none other than Rear Adm. Frank Thorp, the Navy’s chief of misinformation. Attempts were made to reach out to him at 1(703)697-7391 (Main Number for his office)but he sees himself far too important of a Flag Officer to speak with a CIVILIAN sticking his nose where it does not belong, interfering with the Navy's already blown Operational Security around the Nuclear Fast Attack Submarine, USS Hartford's MONUMENTAL COLLISION with the SS New Orleans.

Let us start with of Rear Admiral Thorps henchmen in the Navy's office of MISINFORMATION, one Lt. Shaun Robertson still has not ANSWERED our questions, though he did try to RE FRAME those questions in a morning phone call. More importantly, I asked Lt. Robertson to EMAIL the answers he did give me so that I could VERIFY the Navy's answers, and at an appropriate later date use them to impunge their character, and prove in a complaint to the Navy's IG that Rear Admiral Thorp and his staff when presented with STRAIGHT FORWARD QUESTIONS lie if it suits their purposes, even when the public has proof that REFUTES their CANNED Propaganda. Let us preserve the Nuclear Navy's SAFETY MYTH, hide radiation leaks at all that the name of the play there Mr. Thorp...yes, you are correct in assuming I afford your stripes NO RESPECT. Even the sin of DELIBERATE OMISSION makes you nothing more than a liar, the leader in the proverbial Den of Thieves.

The Navy's Submarine Group prides itself on its silence, is willing to go to great extremes to protect is literally a part of the fabric of those who have spent time in the Silent Service. The Nuclear Navy takes the old naval adage "Lose Lips Sink Ships" to new and dangerous extremes. Do you think I and other bloggers are unaware of the Submarine Creed, the unwritten order that speaking about a mission or AN ACCIDENT is considered A BREECH OF OPERATIONAL SECURITY. Tell me Mr. Thorp how we get to the latent weaknesses that caused this accident? How can similar accidents be avoided if your dearly loved CODE OF SILENCE allows these latent weaknesses to go uncorrected. What happens when the next time occurs, and your Nuclear Navy is not as lucky as they were this time around?

We already know the CO is gone...he failed in JOB ONE, or at least makes a convenient SCAPEGOAT in appeasing those that must be appeased, such as Congress. What is JOB ONE? Avoid a Tier 1 EVENT...WHOOPS, failed that one now haven't we? (For those wondering, a Tier One event is a grounding, collision or death.)Someone pass that man a bottle and a shot glass. In a nuclear powered Submarine (or other military vessel)we as a nation and a world cannot AFFORD accident, cannot afford collisions as the cost in human lives lost in a serious incident are far to grave to even consider in this post. Simply stated, the entire crew of the USS Hartford should be summarily dismissed and processed for it or not, a ships crew is a TEAM, and this is even more true on board a sub, and a team either succeeds or fails as a team...this team HAS FAILED. (ORSE scores aside.)

Let me give you an example of the Stupidity of your CODE OF SILENCE there Mr. Admiral Thorp. I live in New York, was in New York city the day the twin towers went down. Unlike Janet Napolitano, I am not willing to call Terrorist Attacks and those who plan/perpetrate them as "Human caused disasters." I want a secure America, want our border with Mexico closed, and those that are not supposed to be here (including Illegals Aliens) deported. I want DHS and our military doing their jobs, and using some commonsense...the Navy seems to often to IGNORE commonsense. I'll not share everything I have surmised about the USS Hartford incident, but instead will illustrate my point in a different fashion.

You hold an event in the Navy (in April) to celebrate the April 11 (I think 1900) purchase of a gas powered submarine, that event being if you will the BIRTH DATE of the modern American Submarine service. You can get information on various plans at various locations as each base holds its own separate events (one for enlisted men and one for officers) to celebrate the Birthday of American Submarines. Without even trying, I was able to identify 17 Bloggers that are married to members of the Navy blogging about this event, including the exact location of the Event at the Hilton Hotel.

Let me guess here Admiral Thorp...IT NEVER OCCURRED TO YOU or your staff to have Operational Security for these many high ranking members of BASE COMMAND usually attend these events. (Having attended a few, and been in hotels while others were being held, I have a pretty good idea.) Have you or anyone else ever asked yourselves how easily one of these events could be COMPROMISED when information about the when and where of them is SO EASILY AVAILABLE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB?...HELLO, 17 BLOGGERS, and I did not even break a sweat. Maybe it is just me, but if these wives of Officers need their online stitch and bitch sessions with each other, it MIGHT make good sense to give them a blogging area behind a firewall or two?

Your ability to keep speculation down among those that have retired from active service is NO BETTER. Have you or your staff really started LOOKING to findout out what all is actually out there on the net, including some very well written surmises from people in the know on the USS Hartford incident? Do you think I just pulled the Radiation Leak out of thin air? Here is an example of THE EASY STUFF:
Submarine Hartford Port Side Sail

This post will continue in another article where we can discuss for instance the Steel Plate issue, its adequacy or lack thereof on the USS New Orleans. A BUMP with a submarine left a gaping 16-18 foot hole in this ship, and spilled 25,000 gallons of fuel. I have some DESIGN CONCERNS here folks, and think they should have been caught and foreseen BEFORE THIS ACCIDENT. Obviously we have a thickness and strength question, but even more alarming...who SIGNED OFF ON THE FUEL TANK(s) BEING SO ACCESSIBLE to Enemy Attack? Think here a well aimed should aunched rocket could create a serious issue? Is that a part of this investigation, and will the up line officers guilty of this stupidity see their careers ENDED?

NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 8, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) and the U.S. Navy today commemorated the keel laying for USS New Orleans (LPD 18), the second of 12 ships in the Navy's San Antonio-class of amphibious transport dock ships being built by Northrop Grumman's Ship Systems sector. A photo accompanying this releases is available at: The ship was assigned the name New Orleans in recognition of Louisiana's largest city and to honor one of the world's major ports. LPD 18 is being built at the company's Avondale Operations in New Orleans.

Of course, if you do not want to have that CONVERSATION, maybe we could discuss what AMERICA's Nuclear Navy does not want US AND THE WORLD TO KNOW....(did I mention I love FISHING?)

Submarines routinely discharge radioactive waste into the ocean (Actually, I'm surprised that this guy doesn't know that). Technically, primary coolant isn't dangerously radioactive. Additionally, the reactor compartment is sealed with a locked vault door; piping leaks are not a problem, since the water would never reach the crew compartments.


San Antonio was christened, by Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, during a ceremony at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems (NGSS) Avondale Operations in New Orleans. It is the first surface ship ever designed in "virtual reality,” using computer modeling to design most of the ship before any steel was ever cut. It is also the first to feature the Advanced Enclosed Mast/Sensor system that replaces conventional masts, protecting radar and communications antennas from weather and allowing their electronic signals to pass through. The San Antonio class will functionally replace more than 41 ships (LPD 4, LSD 36, LKA 113 and LST 1179 classes of amphibious ships) providing the Navy and Marine Corps with modern, sea-based platforms.

Northrop's new warship class deemed combat ready

Fri May 2, 2008 4:58pm EDT
By Jim Wolf

WASHINGTON, May 2 (Reuters) - The San Antonio, first in a new class of amphibious warships built by Northrop Grumman Corp (NOC.N), has been certified as fit for sustained combat service, the U.S. Navy said on Friday.

The Navy declared the San Antonio, or LPD 17 class, had reached "initial operating capability" 12 years after its funding began.

"We've had some challenges to overcome with LPD 17," Rear Adm. Charles Goddard, program executive officer for ships, said in a statement. "But reaching this milestone is a testament to the collaborative efforts between the Navy and shipbuilding industry."

In an effort to stabilize the U.S. shipbuilding industrial base, Northrop Grumman, prime contractor for the LPD 17 class, said on March 31 it had awarded a subcontract to General Dynamics Corp (GD.N) for work on the eighth ship in the class, the Arlington. Terms were not disclosed.

The San Antonio is on track to deploy with the Iwo Jima expeditionary strike group later this year after wrapping up its crew's training, the Naval Sea Systems Command said.

Two other ships of the class, New Orleans and Mesa Verde, have been commissioned and are undergoing training before moving toward integrated operations with their future strike groups.

John B. Skillman, Commanding Officer of the USS New Orleans
Lieutenant Roy Zaletski
SEAL BEACH – A floating fortress built for combat, the USS New Orleans LPD 18 has a menacing stature and peculiar design that demands attention and boasts some of the newest technology in the Navy.

The $1 billion ship and its crew are set for their maiden deployment in early 2009 – destination unknown, Davies said. (WE KNOW NOW.)

Commissioned: 2007

Length: 684 feet

Height: about 260 feet

Speed: 22 knots, about 24 mph

Crew: 361

Troops: 720

Source: The United States Navy

orleans ship davies navy seal beach port warship class uss weapons feet station officer war operations built stealthy radar ships massive served long set lpd naval puts board newest stands time crew early maiden amphibious cruiser enemy rare source san troops city missions public united commanding deployment design

TEMPORARY HOME: The USS New Orleans is docked at the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station.

Pride Before The Fall...why are ACTIVE DUTY Military Letting the world know what ship they serve on Admiral Thorp? GOD, are you people REALLY THIS IGNORANT? Partial List of people who have identified they were or are stationed about the USS New can even sign up as a member of the site and have their EMAIL addresses...shaking head:

Newlove, Jarod

Palma, Jeff

Young, Christopher

King, Cory

Janzen, Douglas

Sparks, Glenn, Sparky

Falcone, Joey

Biggs, Edward

Knox, Ariel

Ratliff, Chanelle

Flores, Rober

Williams, Lashawn

Chapman, David

Sandi, Edward

Schoenberg, Kimberly

Martin, Will

Scott, Steven

Smith, Shannon

Davidson, Bob

Denley, Blake

Cherry, Cario

Scott, John Scrappy NEW

Wells, George

Sutton, Jeffrey

Zorich, William

Diesch, Alicia

Collins, Crystal Collins

Cloonan, Nathan

Smith, William

Onquit, Patricio

Urbano, Daniel

Szloboda, Naomi

Lawrence, Shane

Sanders, Antonio

Torres, James(booger)

Parish, John NEW

Hunter, Daniel

Jones, Namir (Na)

Howley, Ashley NEW "Good crew, broke ship"

By the way, how easy does the NAVY want to make it for people looking to coop a member of the military to find example, this link in Navy Times

Found by the way doing a Google Search of Ashley Howley above.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Open Letter To Fifth Fleet Command-Bahrain

Dear Stephen James:

I am writing as a citizen of the United States of America who believes transparency, honesty even when it hurts is the best policy. As the husband of a wife who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which I attribute to our close proximity to the problem plagued Military/Commercial Indian Point reactors owned by Entergy, it is my belief that citizens have the right to FULL DISCLOURE of all radiation leaks, even when those leaks run contrary to our Military's Operational Security...I do not believe in acceptable collateral damage in the name of nuclear convenience or National Military Superiority when the killer is invisible, and affects people years after the event that contaminated the person or area has left the scene, cannot be held accountable. Having a great familiarity with the Gaseous Diffusions Plants, being involved in the Anti Nuclear Movement now for decades, am too familiar with the means used by our government, the DOE, and DOD to do anything within their power to distance death away from the nuclear contaminants that caused it.

I provide this explanation as a means of setting the stage for the questions I am about to put forth on the USS Hartford Collision with the USS New Orleans that resulted in a 18 foot diameter hole being torn/ripped, smashed or punched into the Hull, doing significant damage to the ship, and contaminating the potable water of the world with the significant spill of some 25,000 gallons of deisel into the Straight of Hormuz.

For those of us that do a lot of Googling, the Storyline being put out by the NAVY's Press/Propaganda machine is not adding up. The visible damage we have been shown, the additional details slowly getting out paint a picture of a near catastrophic accident between these two vessels. The Press Releases (IMO) are meant to deceive, meant to distract people and the press away from the truth. Someone has very carefully stated to the media that there is no harm to the USS Hartford's Nuclear Propulsion System. That is like me driving a Chevy Vega into a brick wall and announcing to the world the tires are in perfect working order. The question, or one of them is, and should be , "is it true that cracks were discovered in the reactor cooling pipes? Checking with some friends of mine, including someone that used to do underwater welding, and has extensive knowledge in the nuclear industry have come to the conclusion that the USS Hartford cannot have been involved in the collision that it had with the USS New Orleans without doing significant, even fatal damage to the piping system that provides reactor cooling.

Those suspicions on my part were/are born out by reports coming from local sources in Bahrain that the Navy has been presented with requests for water sampling from underneath the Nuclear Submarine too ascertain the severity of radioactive leaks.

1. Did the collision between USS Hartford and the USS New Orleans (this includes all events leading up too, during and after [after to be construed as ongoing until the vessels have been repaired and returned to active service] result in the release (in any fashion or by any means) of any radioactive materials (solid, liquid, gas,particle or other means of distribution) into the environment, including within the confines of the submarine, or into the totality of the environment outside of the Submarine.

2. Were any members of the crew, other members of the military (both domestic and foreign) or civilians exposed (in any fashion, and to any limits no matter how small) to radioactive exposures of any type or kind? Please identify by number how many people were exposed, means of exposure and/or ingestion, and the amounts of exposure.

3. Are there on going and/or continuing releases of radiation contamination, and further, what tests are being conducted to test the structural stability of each and every connection, weld joint and pipe within the Cooling System.

A careful review of the photographs so far released to the public show damage to the plane, sail and other exterior structures of the USS Hartford, including but not limited to some serious damage and buckling of plating. Collisions of this nature have obvious damages, and invisible damages that are not discernible to the hidden eye, sometimes weakened welds that cannot be seen even by the most practiced professionals and engineers. In the name of CREW SAFETY, what steps are being taken during the course of investigation and repair to locate, identify and repair these hidden damages that exist on both Naval Vessels? Some additional questions:

1. How thick was the Armor Plate on the USS New Orleans at the point of impact? Further, how far into the USS New Orleans did forward progress carry the USS Hartford. Does the diameter of the point of entry, coupled with the depth of travel/interior damage coincide with the 7 knots/20 knots speed reports that are now out in the public domain?

2. Were any structural beams and/or interior support systems damaged in either or both of these vessels, and if yes, please specifically identify these damages.

3. The sail on the USS Hartford appears to have not only been bent, but actually torn from the hull of the submarine. This indicates numerous problems including a bent periscope(s) as well as the possible damage of the door that would open into the control room. Please describe the damages with specificity.

Early rumors and articles that have appeared on the Internet make it clear that the accident was/is far more significant than the Navy has admitted to the American Populace, admitted to the families of those serving on these vessels. One has to wonder if the USS Hartford can ever be made safe enough to sail again, can be made safe enough even too sail back to America...simply stated, there are too many unanswered questions, and it would be unconscionable to risk the lives of our American Sailors, asking them too board a sub that is not RIGHT, asking them to risk their lives, risk exposure to cancer causing radioactive contaminants just to limp home a critically injured, perhaps all but dead submarine.

Figures being tossed around have a low ball estimate for repair sitting at around $25 Million, and going North from there. The Fifth Fleet flew and emergency damage assessment/repair crew out of Hawaii to the tune (as we understand it) of 17 Engineers and other staff, with supposedly 24 more following them later this week. That is a MASSIVE team for TEMPORARY repairs. When you realize the hole in the USS New Orleans is almost half the size of the one terrorist blew into the side of the USS Cole, and you realize just how serious this accident is, and have to question the ability of either vessel to safely make it home under their own power. What if any steps are being considered right now to use other alternative means to return these ships to their home ports for repair and/or retirement from the fleet?

Lastly, I point out that I made a formal Allegation on 3/23/2009 that was summarily dismissed, not because it lacked merit, but because it was inconvenient to Operation Security, or more appropriately, it asked questions that the NAVY does not want out into the open arena as it would hurt the image of the Nuclear Navy, hurt the image of the nuclear industry. My is SOP to dismiss the legitimate and well founded complaints of American Citizens when they follow the proper protocol, bring their concerns to the Navy's Office of Inspector General?

USS Hartford Nuclear Sub...The PLOT THICKENS....Can We Say Operational Security?

The plot thickens...the Navy is scrambling to figure out just what they are willing to share with the Green Nuclear Underground while at the same time maintaining Operational Security in short, they are lying to US or LYING TO THEM (Bahrain) about the severity of the damage too the USS Hartford Nuclear Submarine. Lt. Shaen Robertson is working on finding me some answers, but feel very confident in stating to my readers that the Nuclear Submarine USS Hartford IS LEAKING RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS OF SOME KIND. As is the case with all areas of government, you have to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS, then draw your own intelligent conclusions based upon the presentation of the facts, or lack thereof.
TWITTER THIS STORY USS Hartford Has Nuclear Leaks?

1. The story put out to the press..."There is no damage to the NUCLEAR PROPULSION SYSTEM." Sounds good, it is meant to, meant too see you (or reporters) lose interest, let the story die. Lets look at Nuclear Propulsion:

nuclear propulsion
The use of energy released by a nuclear reaction to provide thrust directly, as distinct from nuclear-electric propulsion.1 A nuclear propulsion system derives its thrust from the products of nuclear fission or fusion, and was first seriously studied by Stanislaw Ulam and Frederick de Hoffman in 1944 as a spinoff of their work on the Manhattan Project.

During the quarter-century following World War II, the Atomic Energy Commission (superceded by the Department of Energy in 1974) worked with various federal agencies on a series of nuclear engine projects, culminating in NERVA.2 One way to achieve nuclear propulsion is to heat a working fluid by pumping it through a nuclear reactor, then let the fluid expand through a nozzle. Considering that nuclear fission fuel contains more than a million times as much energy per unit mass as chemical fuel does, this sounds promising. But the approach is limited by the temperature at which a reactor and key components of a rocket, such as a nozzle, can operate.

The best working fluid to use is hydrogen, because it is the lightest substance and therefore, at any given temperature, consists of the fastest-moving particles. Chemical rockets cannot produce hydrogen as an exhaust because hydrogen is not the sole product of any practical chemical reaction. With unlimited nuclear power, however, it is not necessary to react or burn anything; instead, hydrogen gas could simply be heated inside a nuclear reactor and then ejected as a high-speed exhaust. This was the idea of the NERVA project. Other concepts in nuclear propulsion have
sought to circumvent the temperature limitation inherent in circulating the working fluid around a reactor by harnessing the power of runaway nuclear reactions.

Among the most important historically of these has been the nuclear pulse rocket, designs of which were developed for Project Orion and Project Daedalus. See also antimatter propulsion. NASA has recently revitalized interest in nuclear propulsion with its Project Prometheus. One of the possible systems that could be developed in the future by NASA as part of Project Prometheus is based on the idea of microwave-induced fusion propulsion.

To get to the meat of the issue, you have to understand that the Military (in this case the Navy) loves splitting hairs in the name of Operational Security...especially if they NEED TO HIDE SOMETHING BIG. The Nuclear Propulsion system is NOT THE REACTOR, nor (pay attention) the Nuclear Reactors COOLING SYSTEM. Water in, water out....a very simple explanation of a complex issue...we will explain in another post why we believe the Cooling System on the USS Hartdord (among other things) is severly COMPROMISED...that is tech talk for FUCKED.

2. Now, ask the follow up question of Lt. Robertson, "The NUCLEAR PROPULSION SYSTEM IS FINE, what about the reactor itself, and the extensive system of pipes and values that are the reactor's COOLING SYSTEM?" Dead silence for about ten seconds followed by, "The Nuclear Propulsion System is fine.

"That's not what I asked about Lt. Robertson, I asked about the Cooling System, I asked if the reports are true about water sampling being done UNDER THE HULL to ascertain the significance of the radiation leaks (yes, plural). UH, ummm, uhhhh, hmmmm, again, the Nuclear Propulsion System is fine.

Where we are right now...I have given Lt. Robertson a very specific list of questions I want answered...I am convinced there is an exclusionary zone around this incident. He "his words" is going to find out just what questions they (Navy High Brass) can and will answer and in what fashion and have someone return my call as soon as possible.

This is a BLOGOSPHERE SCOOP folks, and a story every Anti Nuclear person needs to get to the bottom of, Operational Security be damned....their blanket of secrecy is already failing, and the Military/Commercial Nuclear Renaissance people want this story STUFFED! We cannot let that happen, so I am asking everyone on my contact trees to forward this to all your friends. Post it up on the internet....we NEED SOME VIRAL SNOOPERS awakened.

ASK Your own questions America! Lt. Robertson 1(703) 697 5342

I will be listing my questions to Lt. Robertson in a soon to be released blog entry. BRIEF UPDATE...seems that Lt. Robertson's bosses (Senior Officers) are wanting to use the time difference between here and Bahrain to buy themselves 12 hours....why is this not surprising.

USS Hartford Nuclear Propulsion System Leaking Radioactivity...Is Reactor DAMAGED...

The USS Hartford docked at Mina Salman pier has apparently been surrounded with protective booms as local Public Commission for the Protection of Fisheries, Environment and Wildlife Shaikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa issued orders for the officials concerned to follow up on the environmental impact the incident may have on Bahrain. It was first thought that this piece of information concerned the 25,000 of Light Crude/Diesel that the USS New Orleans spilled when a 16-18 diamter hole was punched into its now turns out there could be far more worrisome issues.

It seems that Shaikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa wants WATER SAMPLES from under the Nuclear Fast Attack Sub USS Hartford to ascertain the severity of the RADIOACTIVE LEAK!

He said that officials are monitoring the situation with the US Navy regional environment affairs co-ordinator and Mutual Emergency (MEMAC) and Bahrain port authorities after the vessels were transferred to Bahrain waters for maintenance work.

"We ensured containing the environmental impact from the oil leaks with the use of rubber booms," said the spokesman.

He said that the public commission requested the US Navy to be provided with samples from under the submarine to be analysed as soon as possible at one of the neutral labs in the region.

"The move aimed at establishing the level of the radioactive leak," said the spokesman.

He said that Bahrain authorities also requested an urgent report on procedures that ensure safeguarding marine environment and the health of the workers during maintenance work on the submarine in Bahrain.

"The public commission, in co-ordination with the Royal Navy, learnt that the submarine's fuel was not affected from the collision," said the spokesman.

"The US Navy regional environment affairs co-ordinator also assured us in an urgent reply that the submarine contains measuring and early dedication equipment to monitor any leak of nuclear fuel." (These are the same hallow false propaganda reports the NRC gives us all the time...same thing we heard when Indian Point leaked 100,000 of tritium laced water into the Hudson River, the same excuses they give to deny their guilt in my wife's cancer...what is the real truth MC2 Kirby?)

"We would like to assure all Bahrain residents that the situation is being closely monitored by the authorities concerned." My suggestion to the citizens of Bahrain...TRUST BUT VERIFY as Mr. Reagan used to say...the Nuclear Navy is not above giving you FAKE WATER SAMPLES....have your own divers collect the samples.

This blog contacted Naval Operations, and several people REFUSED COMMENT, one person saying, "we cannot discuss that matter." After much persistence I was told I would have to speak to one PAO Ed far, the man has not bothered to respond to the inquiry. So tell us the TRUTH Mr. the USS Hartford leaking radioactive materials, and if so, how significant is the damage to the nuclear propulsion system? For other news sources that get better response than us bloggers get, you can reach Mr. Siegler at (202)433-2678 or by cell at (703)609-7996 If you get anything, let us know.

To Preserve Nuclear Renaissance, Navy Hides Worst Non Fatal Nuclear Sub Accident In Maritime History...The Straight of Hormuz USS Hartford FILE

If you ever wondered how much control our Pentagon exercises over our supposed America Free Press, wonder NO MORE. We see and hear only what our Government wants us to see, and the proof can be found in the cloak of SCECRACY that has been thrown around the MASSIVE COLLISION of the USS Hartford Nuclear Fast Attack Sub with the MONSTER WAR SHIP the USS New Orleans...can hear the Military Crowd now accusing me of YELLOW JOURNALISM as was done when I first reported on this story. Let me be clear...the Collission of these two Naval Vessels is possibly as close as we will ever come to sinking two American Naval Vessels, one of them a nuclear submarine...and all through our Military's own ingnorance and poor troop performance. Well done Nuclear Navy, you must be so proud of the exclusionary zone you have thrown around this almost Chernobyl least now Admiral Skip Bowman can stop his lie of the nuclear Navy never having a serious accident?

This blogger cannot prove it, but I am officially stating for the record that it is my belief that SERIOUS DAMAGE was done too the Propulsion System of the USS Harford. Hyperbole you say...I believe this enough that I am going to go over the head of the Naval Inspector General who dismissed my first complaint within half and hour of my filing it, and going to both the Pentagon and White House. Who was at the Helm that this much damage was done to these two vessels? Also, why are you still keeping the significance of the damage out of the media...what are we at so...well North of $25 Million?

The USS Hartford hit the USS New Orleans with SUCH FORCE that it almost sheared off its own sail, ripping it along the entire length of its seam, and doing significant damage to the plane. The USS Hartford was under water at the time of the collision with the New Orleans...this was NO BUMP...what makes me believe this? The sixteen foot diameter hole in the Hull of the USS New Orleans. Let me repeat that...the SIXTEEN FOOT HOLE IN THE HULL OF THE SHIP. The sub rolled itself at least 85 degrees before freeing itself, and the USS New Orleans had to be saved from capsizing, suffering INTERNAL SHIP DAMAGE. This explains the injuries suffered by ten percent of the Hartford's crew. Where are some first hand accounts of this crash? I mean lets be real, a car chase brings out six heliocopters and four FOX News crews....this should still be breaking news at six PM.

As this message is being written, over two dozen special team members have been flown over to make EMERGENCY in theatre repairs as the US NAVY hopes to repair the two vessels enough to LIMP THEM HOME under their own power....especially since it seems impossible right now to get the Nuclear Sub back home to America except under its own power...which raises another question....what if I am right in my belief that there has been damage done to the NUCLEAR PROPULSION SYSTEM? Lastly, should the National News media be sitting on such a HUGE STORY, keeping the truth from the American public? Think about it people...a Nuclear Class attack sub SLAMS into a war ship, its three hundred foot length carrying enough speed to pierce the ARMOR PLATING of a warships hull, punching this mighty ship of the sea to create a sixteen foot hole in it...think about that for a moment...a 240 square foot hole opened to the rushing waters of the Hormuz, a Middle East Titanic almost in the Middle East...imagine the political implications of sinking both a war ship and nuclear sub in the Straight of Hormuz.
Monday, March 30, 2009, 9:34 AM

The U.S. Navy submarine and U.S. amphibious ship that collided in the Strait of Hormuz March 20, have been undergoing extensive engineering and damage assessments since pulling into Bahrain March 21.

Engineering and technical experts arrived in Bahrain to assess the damage to USS Hartford (SSN 768) and USS New Orleans (LPD 18). They will augment Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) Detachment Bahrain. These are not just Engineering and technical experts, but the BEST AMERICA HAS...they are there trying to save a submarine, and the USS New Orleans.

Twelve Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNSY) personnel and two Naval Sea Systems (NAVSEA) experts are assessing the damage to Hartford and New Orleans and have begun initial in-theater repairs.

While overall damage to both ships is being evaluated, investigators believe Hartford rolled approximately 85 degrees during the collision. That is one MOTHERING FUCKING HIT for a NUCLEAR SUB...there is STRUCTURAL DAMAGE that has to have had an affect on the nuclear propulsion drive.

Despite the roll, engineering investigations have confirmed the propulsion plant of the submarine was unaffected by this collision. As if they would admit any different? The sub drive through A SHIPS HULL, punched a 16 foot diameter hole in it, but EVERYTHING IS FINE? However, Hartford sustained damage to its sail and periscope, as well as the port bow plane.

New Orleans suffered a ruptured fuel tank. Divers have determined the resulting hole is approximately 16 by 18 feet in size. There was also interior damage to two ballast tanks.

In addition to the engineering efforts, two formal investigations are currently underway: a Safety Investigation and a Judge Advocate General Manual (JAGMAN) Investigation. So why was my formally filed citizen complain to the Naval Inspector General Dismissed...everything I alleged is being born out TO BE TRUE, including the lying and coverup. Capt. Craig Kleint, the Dock Landing Ship (LSD) Class Squadron commodore has been appointed as the investigating officer (IO) for the JAGMAN investigation. A senior O-6 submarine officer has been named as the senior member of the Safety Instigation Review, but his name is not releasable until the investigation has been completed.

The Safety Investigation Board is appointed to identify hazards and their causal factors in serious incidents. Their report is an essential tool to identify causes to prevent recurrence.

The JAGMAN investigation is intended to provide a critical and objective overview of what, happened. Kleint, a nuclear-trained surface warfare officer, is joined by a post-command submarine officer. They are supported by a three-person legal team.

Naval Surface Forces (SURFOR) and Naval Submarine Forces (SUBFOR) are providing extensive support to Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) for the Safety Investigation Board and JAGMAN investigation team.

Both investigations have a 30-day initial timeline, but extensions may be granted if more time is needed to complete the investigation process. SURE, BUY TIME, THEN QUIETLY RELEASE THE REPORT LATE ON A FRIDAY.

Hartford and New Orleans were on regularly scheduled deployments to the U.S. 5th Fleet Area of Operations conducting maritime security operations (MSO) when the accident occurred.

(Source: Navy News Service)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Many Groups Including Selling Souls To Be Obamaniacs

Hello...remember BRING OUR TROOPS HOME? Remember our backing President Obama because he promised to have our troops home within 18 months. Instead, we have seen Barack Obama selling out to the Military Machine, are watching as he commits us to ANOTHER WAR in the name of Democracy building...does that sound familier? So the question is, where are the BIG PLAYERS in the Anti War Movement? They are embarassing SILENT, more interested in paying lip service to Obama's anal cavity that standing up for their beliefs, in holding Obama to his promise of bring our troops home. their members have abandoned the War Effort, focusing instead of Socialist Medicine for 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 million anchor babies. Their morally bankrupt and corrupted members were recently polled on their priorities for 2009, and Afghanistan didn’t make the cut. The fact that their MESSIAH is merely moving troops from one theatre too another is no concern to them, worries about Depleted Uranium poisoning Americans soldiers and civilians alike no longer an issue as they sell their souls to ride in the Obama Bus.

United for Change, spent $600,000 on TV ads against the Iraq War in the summer of 2007. “Americans United for Change doesn’t plan to comment on President Obama’s new strategy,” a spokesperson for the group, Lauren Weiner, has said. Care to share with us why that is Ms. it true that Obama said pretty please when he asked you to sit on your powder?

Jon Soltz, head of VoteVets came out in support of Obama’s Afghan strategy.

Curious, United for Change...How fast will the body bags have to start stacking up for you to speak up against Obama the War Hawk?

NRC Commissioners Under Investigation FOR DBT Fixing

Greetings Anti Nuke Friends...This is an all hands on deck moment, our chance to hand the entire group of Commissioners a serious gut punch for CHEATING when it comes to the DBT. I was (which is not unusual) upset when I learned the Commissioners had once again voted against staff recommendations regarding the strengthening of the DBT (Design Basis Threat) document which dictates what weapons a licensee must be capable of defending against.

I did what I usually do...fired off a scathing ACCUSATION which outlined some of what I know to be a fact, pointing out why I knew the Commissioners were worshipping at the Nuclear Temple of Taint at NEI. Good news...the Inspector Generals Office has informed me that they are going to investigate my allegations, want to set up a time to interview me further on my allegations.

This is where all you in the Anti Nuclear Arena come in, and can become involved. ANYTHING related to REACTOR SECURITY (which if you think about it is ALMOST everything) and the DBT that you want addressed email to me via this email. I am specifically interested in instances where you feel the Commissioners have cheated on the DBT, or have ignored your CONCERNS and ALLEGATIONS regarding the DBT and security issues. IE, force on force exercises. claims that the DBT is inadequate, instances where they have refused to address your concerns regarding the DBT, especially as relates to LICENSE RENEWAL. Think Mothers for Peace, think creating a huge MONSTER PROBLEM for the NRC, think of this as an opportunity to get rid of the likes of Dale Klein.

Bring Our Troops Home...Blog Launch

American Soldiers in distant lands...what does that have to do with the Military Commercial Nuclear industry...everything. Think Depleted Uranium, think tactical nukes, think Nuclear Subs like the USS Hartford that smashed into the USS New Orleans, almost sinking it, ripping off its own sail in the process. It is for this reason we share with our readers today the official launch of Bring Our Troops Home blog, the temporary home of

American Trainers Slaughtered By Aghanistan Troops as Cborg Robotics War Heats Up

First, welcome to the temporary home of Troops hope to launch a full blown web site once some operating funds come in.

On MSNBC this morning, it was announced that two USA troops had been killed in Afghanistan this past Friday by Afghanistan Taliban Troops...this does not bode well moving forward.

March 29th, 2009 11:01 pm
Trainers killed by Afghan soldier identified

and Stripes

The U.S. military has identified two trainers killed Friday by an Afghan National Army soldier.

Lt. Florence B. Choe, 35, of El Cajon, Calif., and Lt. j.g. Francis L. Toner IV, 26, of Narragansett, R.I., died Friday when the insurgent opened fire on personnelassigned to Combined Security Transition Command — Afghanistan at Camp Shaheen in Mazar-E-Sharif, Afghanistan.

Since the invasion of Iraq, have done a good job of supporting our troops even if I did not support the war, or Bush's decision to fight it...I am reaching a point where I am no longer sure I can continue to SUPPORT our troops. Re-enlistment according to news reports is up, which means these soldiers are now willingly doing three, four, even five tours (this excludes those who through stop gap are being forced against their will to serve). Worse, many of them are encouraging young men and women to enlist...that is an unforgivable sin.

It is disturbing to see Barack Obama embracing the same concepts of Nation Building that tainted the Bush is policy I do not, cannot and will not agree with. It is not the place of America to be out spreading Freedom, it is a waste of both American blood and treasure we as a nation cannot afford to spend. We have our own insurgency on our Southern Border, we have over 12 million illegal alien insurgents, sleeper cells infesting and weakening the very fabric of America right here at home, need our troops here protecting America, rather than dying in some foreign land. I want to see our Soldiers home on leave speaking up against a wrong policy, a wrong war, do not want them speaking out in our schools and on college campuses encouraging our young men and women to amounts to Death Recruiting, lying in the name of Satan himself...honorable men do not encourage our children to sacrifice their lives for wrong wars.

At 53, history begins to repeat itself, the images of Vietnam War protests flickering across my mind as a restless Main Street wrestles with themselves, wanting to support our troops, growing weary of never ending conflict. With the launching of this blog, with the purchase of the Domain Name I have made up my own mind...the time has come to pull the plug, the time has come to organize the opposition, unite with those who oppose this American Aggression.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nuclear Renaissance Dying on Vine As America Sees Through NEI Funded Propaganda Campaign

The nuclear industry and NEI are livid as they watch their dearly beloved Nuclear Renaissance and all the FREE HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS that come with it withering, dying on the vine as America begins to see through the six year full court press Propaganda Campaign NEI carried out to do away with and discredit the Anti Nuclear Grassroots. We are still here, still standing toe to toe with the industry, and the tide is beginning to turn. A carefully orchestrated Pro Green Nuclear Advertising Tsunami failed to drown out our voices, and people are waking up too some very important reasons why NUCLEAR WILL NOT WORK, key among them described in just two words...Time and Money.

The proposal to include nuclear power in the Kyoto Protocol CDM is currently being discussed at the UN Climate talks in Poznan These talks coincide with a run of bad news for the nuclear industry that makes its claims of clean cheap power even harder to justify. Following the news of soaring costs for the European Pressurised Reactors (EPRs) in France and Finland and in the estimated budgets for reactors planned in the US, came the news that South-Africa – till now seen as one of the most promising candidates for a so-called nuclear “renaissance” – is backing off for a while: the planned French reactors are simply too expensive. (TOO EXPENSIVE, backing off...sounds like TIME AND MONEY.)

Sometimes in life, timing is everything, and for the nuclear energy industry the crashing of Wall Street, the two trillion (so far) in bailouts paid for with taxpayer dollars could not have occurred at a worse time. Simply stated, a Nuclear Renaissance, the deployment of a new American Fleet of nuclear reactors requires Energy Subsidy compliments of our taxes in numbers that are STAGGERING in normal times, completely unacceptable when America sits perched on the edge of financial ruin. A Nuclear Renaissance must have a willing populace ready to give reactor owners and the nuclear industry at least $3 trillion dollars, and that figure could quickly soar to at least $9 Trillion, even more if we factor in the costs to be incurred with the wrongful even criminal deployment of GNEP. Congress knows America will not tolerate the tab that NEI wants us to pick up for their renaissance, or more appropriately, resuscitation.

The other reality that is causing Nuclear to wither on the vine as a viable contributor to solving Global Warming...the nuclear industry cannot deliver, cannot deploy enough reactors to make a difference in a timely fashion. The NRC has put dozens of communities at risk by rubber stamping the license renewal applications of America's crumbling fleet of was deemed in our best National Interest to RISK 20 more years of operation for failing reactors...we can all hope and pray that the Blind Trust the NRC has placed in the industry's ability to keep these nuclear monsters bandaged together works, but those 20 years will fail to buy the nuclear industry what they need...time, and lots of it. (see below excerpt from Dale Klein Speech)

  • Let me begin with the current fleet of nuclear power plants, and the issue of life extensions. As many of you know, about half the current U.S. fleet has received or is in the process of applying for a 20-year license renewal. Many—perhaps most—of today’s commercial nuclear plants, therefore, could have another 20 years of operation. But then what do we do? One of the most challenging projects under way at the NRC right now is asking whether these plants could continue to operate safely from 60 years until… well, we don’t actually know what the technical operating limits of these plants are. And that is the point. In February, the NRC co-sponsored a conference with the Department of Energy to begin figuring out what questions we would need to answer to consider life extensions for plants beyond 60 years. We are only in the early stages, but so far we have determined that there are several areas that we need to closely examine. These include: (It is note here, that the NRC decided to rubber stamp license renewal applications to give the industry until 2050 to get its act together, and deploy REPLACEMENT reactors for America's aging fleet...Dale Klein's admission here that the NRC staff's MOST CHALLENGING project is finding ways to push the life span of these reactors beyond 60 years show us the TRUE FAILURE OF THE INDUSTRY, proves they cannot meet their promised deployment schedules in a timely fashion, cannot HELP AMERICA solve Global Warming.)

  • Neutron Embrittlement
    Annealing/Analysis of Reactor Vessel
    Thermal Fatigue
    Qualification of Components
    Chemical control programs; and
    Transition to
    Digital I&C

  • No doubt, we will learn as we go along, and perhaps add other issues to that list as we move forward. But I think this list gives you an indication of how complex this issue is—and at least to me, fascinating. As I said, we are only beginning this process, but I do want to add one other point. No matter what the science ultimately leads us to conclude about the feasibility of life extensions beyond 60 years—and I certainly have no intention of prejudging the issue—we will accumulate a vast amount of extremely important information. The data we collect, and the scientific and engineering questions we answer, will contribute to the NRC’s ongoing efforts to implement a risk-informed and performance-based approach to licensing and regulation. Refining and improving our probabilistic risk assessments will enable us to understand, license, and regulate the plants of the future that much more effectively.

To put nuclear where it wants to go, to make them (if they are right) where they want to be in playing a part in reducing CO2, in helping to solve Global Warming, they need to deploy some 200 Nuclear Reactors here in America, a total of 4000 of them world wide by the year 2050. DO the math...just here in America that requires the Nuclear Industry completing and starting up FOUR REACTORS. Right now there is only one company in the entire world that can make a key component of these new reactors. Additionally, there is a huge and increasing worker shortage problem staring the industry in the face...even addressing these and other issues takes time that the industry does not have.

There is an effort to revitalize college programs that will educate and train a new Nuclear Work Force...they cannot produce enough qualified applicants to meet the demand that all these new reactors would create, and for at least the next 15 years, would have trouble filling the positions available at current nuclear facilities as the aging work force retires. It will take 10-15 years to build the necessary manufacturing infrastructure necessary to meet the kind of nuclear demand for new reactor builds that the NEI and World Nuclear are pushing for. No reactor has ever come in on time, and on budget. Being generous, from start to finish it is going to take at least five years per reactor (being WAY GENEROUS HERE)to build a reactor...add to that at least three years to get a permit though and approved (there will be litigation and legal fights for every permit), and we are looking at maybe 2020-2025 before the first NEW BUILD REACTORS start appearing on the American Map. NRC worker shortages, a shortage of ON SITE inspectors will slow the process down even we speak, the worker shortage at the NRC is getting so severe that they are deliberating GREEN LIGHTING reactor inspections at current licensed facilities to free up the required extra inspectors at sites who have had issues...a perfect example of this is Indian Point owned by Entergy.

Time is money, money that we will have to come up with...if you look at the rules the nuclear industry has SNUCK INTO LAW, we the taxpayers will have to pay for ALL THE COST OVERRUNS when the industry gets bogged down. Their hope...stop litigation against their strong armed tactics. Forced nuclear is not an option. Face it NEI, you are losing momentum, and with it your last chance at saving this failing industry...YUCCA MOUNTAIN is gone, and now the DOE, NRC and NEI are so desperate to get a storage facility, any storage facility up and running that they are trotting out the same old game they tried with Low Level Radioactive Waste. Regional Temporary storage facilities...HELLO, IT IS A SCAM.

Nuclear power opponents argue that the industry shouldn't expect or need government support, some fifty years into its existence. In a hotel conference room populated mostly with gray-suited older white men (THINK WALL STREET BAILOUT!), industry executives repeatedly called for an expansion of federal loan guarantees for new nuclear plants. (OVER FIFTY PERCENT LOAN FAILURE RATE on the Nuclear Loans made for the first generation of reactors...let us NOT REPEAT HISTORY.)

Early on in the conference, NEI president and CEO Frank L. "Skip" Bowman said, "We use loan guarantees in this country to support ship building, steel making, student loans, rural electrification, affordable housing, construction of critical transportation infrastructure, and for many other purposes. Please don't tell me that America's electric infrastructure is any less important." He added, "I wish someone would tell me when the word 'subsidy' became a slur, a four-letter word. ... What is there of value in American life that is not subsidized, to some extent?" (No other industry has gotten the amount of GOVERNMENT WELFARE that the Nuclear Industry has recieved, and after 50 years, they are still a failing industry...furthermore, look at the example he used...they are PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE. NEI, Skip Bowman and the nuclear industry want us to TAKE ALL THE FINANCIAL RISKS to build their PRIVATELY OWNED RUN FOR PROFIT REACTORS! Meanwhile, when they screw up (and they will) and there is another CHERNOBYL, we will be left with the TRILLION DOLLAR CLEAN UP TAB thanks to the Price Anderson Act.

America, here is TRUTH...what the DOE and NEI hope, is they can fool one, two, up to four communities into playing host to what is supposed to be a temporary storage facility. Once they get you under contract, they get Congress to pass a law making YOUR COMMUNITY IT, IT beign the national repository for all the nuclear SHIT.

Look at any part of the nuclear fuel cycle, and you see FAILURE, and as these failures mount, TIME becomes more and more an issue. DOE's MOX facility that is not even working yet just lost its ONLY CUSTOMER, Billions of American Tax dollars down the toilet. Classifying Depleted Uranium as a future use resource bought the NRC a quarter of a century, but now the time has come to DEAL WITH THE WASTE...they have NO PLACE TO PUT IT, so now they want to reclassify the waste as the least dangerous in the world. fact, Depleted Uranium gets more and more dangerous as the decay process creates far more dangerous daughter chains of cancer causing radiation. Again, the industry and agency meant to oversee it have failed, and are running out of options and time and they know it.

With each passing say and week, the failures of the industry are mounting. America is not willing to go for nuclear until they can PROVE they can deal with their waste streams, and short of picking a part of America to act as a SACRIFICE ZONE (think Marshall Islands), the nuclear industry cannot safely deal with their waste streams, have no way of putting the nuclear genie back in the bottle.
March 25, 3:38 PM (Full Article)

After some fleeting references during the recently concluded presidential election campaign, any mention of expanding the nation's nuclear power generating capacity seems to have vanished. The "nuclear" in the proposed 2010 Federal Budget is for continued research on storage and disposal of waste, securing weapons and the destruction of warheads. The preliminary budget outline for the next ten years (2010 through 2019) calls for spending $15 billion per year on renewable energies for both research and implementation by way of subsidies and direct investment. The funding is to come from the proposed "cap and trade" permits greenhouse gas emissions that will be "sold" by the federal government. The renewables mentioned include but are not limited to wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. Nuclear power research or implementation is not found.

Currently, about 89% of US electrical generation comes from 3 sources: 49% from coal, 21% from nuclear and 19% from natural gas. At present, wind generation contributes about 2%, geothermal 0.3% and solar 0.004%. The other major source is hydroelectric power at around 6%.

In France, 78% of electrical power generation is from nuclear; Belgium is 54%; Republic of Korea (South Korea) is 39%, etc down to China that generates about 2% of their total electricity from nuclear plants. Interestingly, of the 29 nuclear plants currently being built around the world, 15 are in Asia with 7 in India and 4 in China. There are currently 435 plants worldwide with 103 in the US followed by France with 59, Japan with 55 and Russia with 31.

In the US, there are 26 applications to built nuclear power generating plants. The last plant to be placed on line was in 1996 based on an application entered in the 1970s. The approval process is estimated at 15 to 20 years and plants, depending on their capacity and location and expected length of time for approval can cost from $5 billion to $12 billion dollars. Most need to be backed by government loan guarantees of privately arranged financing. Included in plant costs are reserve funds for storage and transportation of any nuclear waste and eventual decommissioning and clean up.