Friday, March 27, 2009

Help Me Found Troops

Setting aside Nuclear Issues and Clean Energy for a moment, lets talk about Barack Obama's announcement today to wage another MAJOR WAR in Afghanistan. First, President Obama promised us our troops would be home in 18 months, not simply redeployed, moved over from one war theatre to another. If you believe Obama has broken his promise, if you believe America cannot afford the lost lives and treasure of another significant war, if you want our American men and women in the Armed Services back on American soil, I ask you to make a non tax deductible donation to so that I can launch the site, start a movement to bring our American Fighting Forces Home.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Barack Obush Declares New War In Afghanistan
Barack Hussein OBush has just declared a second War in the Middle East, has just committed America that we can neither afford or want to fight. His MARKERS...the same as the ones George W. Bush had in Iraq (a war we have NOT won). Barack Obama the candidate PROMISED us he would bring our troops home in 18 months, not MOVE THEM OVER ( we want our TROOPS HOME ( I have just purchased these two domain names.

If you are a web designer willing to help me get an active web site up on the internet, or if you are willing to donating hosting costs to such a site, or if you are willing to make a NON TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation to the cause of protesting the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, to the cause of BRINGING OUR TROOPS HOME, please email me.

*Note-I can put a limited website up on Yahoo on my own for $14 a month and redirect my domain there.

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