Monday, March 16, 2009

Nuclear Industry Renaissance Is Dying On Vine

Despite the best Public Propaganda Campaign that tritium tainted money can buy, despite the efforts of Admiral Skip Bowman to save the Nuclear Industry as the Nuclear Navy's civilian jobs bank, NEI's vision of a Nuclear Renaissance is dying on the vine. Their FIRST BIG SMACK DOWN came when they were not able to keep their FIFTY BILLION PORK BONE in the Omnibus or Stimulus Bill even though Obama and crew were throwing around taxpayer dollars like candy. Next on the list...both Senator Reid and President Obama has said NO TO YUCCA Mountain as a long term storgage facility...NEI has plans in the works to trick FOUR REGIONAL COMMUNITIES into playing host to supposed temporary sites while spent fuel sits for 99 years waiting to be processed.

Before your community gets TRICKED into become a regional long term death trap for your citizens, consider this...DOE has spent BILLIONS building a MOX (mixed-oxide fuel)plant at Savanah River. MOX is another one of those poppycock, half baked plans like GNEP (Global Nuclear Energy Plan) to deal with nuclear waste by reprocessing it into future use fuel. ONE PROBLEM...the DOE has NO CUSTOMERS FOR THEIR MOX FUEL even if they get the plant completed, up and operational.

Energy Department's MOX fuel program loses only contract
The Department of Energy has no customers for the mixed-oxide fuel plant under construction at its Savannah River Site in South Carolina now that Duke Energy let its contract expire. Friends of the Earth spokesman Tom Clements said Duke's decision should raise questions about the fuel program. The Greenville News (S.C.)/The Associated Press (3/15)

In other news...even though the Nuclear Industry has been unable to SUCCESSFULLY dispose of even one ounce of reactor waste, the industry wants to push forward with NEW REACTOR BUILDS. As a stakeholder living just three miles from Entergy's horrid Indian Point Reactors, as someone that has seen the cancer caused by this facility up close and personal, DO NOT LET NEI, the NRC and the nuclear industry site a new reactor in your community, even if your citizens have to take drastic steps to keep them from forcing you into being a host community.

  • Nuclear growth continues though waste issue is stalled
    Georgia Power plans to build two reactors at its Vogtle plant, but the administration's decision to cut funding for a nuclear-waste repository in Nevada calls into question what will happen to the tons of waste in Georgia waiting to be sent to a storage facility. NEI says it can be safely stored for decades at the plants where it is created, while critics say no more waste should be produceduntil a storage solution is determined. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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