Tuesday, March 31, 2009

USS Hartford Nuclear Sub...The PLOT THICKENS....Can We Say Operational Security?

The plot thickens...the Navy is scrambling to figure out just what they are willing to share with the Green Nuclear Underground while at the same time maintaining Operational Security in Theatre...in short, they are lying to US or LYING TO THEM (Bahrain) about the severity of the damage too the USS Hartford Nuclear Submarine. Lt. Shaen Robertson is working on finding me some answers, but feel very confident in stating to my readers that the Nuclear Submarine USS Hartford IS LEAKING RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS OF SOME KIND. As is the case with all areas of government, you have to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS, then draw your own intelligent conclusions based upon the presentation of the facts, or lack thereof.
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1. The story put out to the press..."There is no damage to the NUCLEAR PROPULSION SYSTEM." Sounds good, it is meant to, meant too see you (or reporters) lose interest, let the story die. Lets look at Nuclear Propulsion:

nuclear propulsion
The use of energy released by a nuclear reaction to provide thrust directly, as distinct from nuclear-electric propulsion.1 A nuclear propulsion system derives its thrust from the products of nuclear fission or fusion, and was first seriously studied by Stanislaw Ulam and Frederick de Hoffman in 1944 as a spinoff of their work on the Manhattan Project.

During the quarter-century following World War II, the Atomic Energy Commission (superceded by the Department of Energy in 1974) worked with various federal agencies on a series of nuclear engine projects, culminating in NERVA.2 One way to achieve nuclear propulsion is to heat a working fluid by pumping it through a nuclear reactor, then let the fluid expand through a nozzle. Considering that nuclear fission fuel contains more than a million times as much energy per unit mass as chemical fuel does, this sounds promising. But the approach is limited by the temperature at which a reactor and key components of a rocket, such as a nozzle, can operate.

The best working fluid to use is hydrogen, because it is the lightest substance and therefore, at any given temperature, consists of the fastest-moving particles. Chemical rockets cannot produce hydrogen as an exhaust because hydrogen is not the sole product of any practical chemical reaction. With unlimited nuclear power, however, it is not necessary to react or burn anything; instead, hydrogen gas could simply be heated inside a nuclear reactor and then ejected as a high-speed exhaust. This was the idea of the NERVA project. Other concepts in nuclear propulsion have
sought to circumvent the temperature limitation inherent in circulating the working fluid around a reactor by harnessing the power of runaway nuclear reactions.

Among the most important historically of these has been the nuclear pulse rocket, designs of which were developed for Project Orion and Project Daedalus. See also antimatter propulsion. NASA has recently revitalized interest in nuclear propulsion with its Project Prometheus. One of the possible systems that could be developed in the future by NASA as part of Project Prometheus is based on the idea of microwave-induced fusion propulsion.

To get to the meat of the issue, you have to understand that the Military (in this case the Navy) loves splitting hairs in the name of Operational Security...especially if they NEED TO HIDE SOMETHING BIG. The Nuclear Propulsion system is NOT THE REACTOR, nor (pay attention) the Nuclear Reactors COOLING SYSTEM. Water in, water out....a very simple explanation of a complex issue...we will explain in another post why we believe the Cooling System on the USS Hartdord (among other things) is severly COMPROMISED...that is tech talk for FUCKED.

2. Now, ask the follow up question of Lt. Robertson, "The NUCLEAR PROPULSION SYSTEM IS FINE, what about the reactor itself, and the extensive system of pipes and values that are the reactor's COOLING SYSTEM?" Dead silence for about ten seconds followed by, "The Nuclear Propulsion System is fine.

"That's not what I asked about Lt. Robertson, I asked about the Cooling System, I asked if the reports are true about water sampling being done UNDER THE HULL to ascertain the significance of the radiation leaks (yes, plural). UH, ummm, uhhhh, hmmmm, again, the Nuclear Propulsion System is fine.

Where we are right now...I have given Lt. Robertson a very specific list of questions I want answered...I am convinced there is an exclusionary zone around this incident. He "his words" is going to find out just what questions they (Navy High Brass) can and will answer and in what fashion and have someone return my call as soon as possible.

This is a BLOGOSPHERE SCOOP folks, and a story every Anti Nuclear person needs to get to the bottom of, Operational Security be damned....their blanket of secrecy is already failing, and the Military/Commercial Nuclear Renaissance people want this story STUFFED! We cannot let that happen, so I am asking everyone on my contact trees to forward this to all your friends. Post it up on the internet....we NEED SOME VIRAL SNOOPERS awakened.

ASK Your own questions America! Lt. Robertson 1(703) 697 5342

I will be listing my questions to Lt. Robertson in a soon to be released blog entry. BRIEF UPDATE...seems that Lt. Robertson's bosses (Senior Officers) are wanting to use the time difference between here and Bahrain to buy themselves 12 hours....why is this not surprising.


  1. Your lack of common understanding of the principles of radioactivity is pretty staggering. Sorry you spent so much time writing all this nonsense down.

  2. Gee Kristoffer...what is too understand....over 50,000 drums of Depleted Uranium is pretty straight forward. A burst pipe that we warned Indian Point and the NRC about spewing 100,000 gallons of tritium laced water into the Hudson river is clean cut. Sleeping guards-NRC approves 72 hour work week for guards...again, go figure. Admiral Skip Bowman claiming there had never been a nuclear Navy significant accident when two subs have sunk. Congress having to order the DOE and DOD to compensate families for DOE/DOD nuclear facility cancer and deaths....tell me there Kristoffer what I need to know. Did you know a woman living within 50 miles of a nuclear facility has a 25 percent greater chance of a stillborn child....talk to there guy.

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