Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taking Down A Nuclear Reactor, Destroying A Nation

If there is one thing I hate, it is the ignorance of arrogance, and no better expression describes the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and its Butt Buddy the NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute) than, "The Ignorance of Arrogance". This post is going to be a FLUID, EVER CHANGING post as we share with our readers the truth about the Deliberately Flawed and inadequate Generic DBT used to make the false claim that Nuclear Reactor Facility Security is adequate. As Stakeholders, the NRC has decided they do not have to talk with us, nor share with us anything about the DBT, nor the weapons included in it (or more appropriately) the weapons that NEI had removed from it so their licensees would not/did not have to spend additional funds making reactor sites even relatively safe from terrorist attack. (As one example of this, would love to discuss Bullet Resistant verse Bullet Proof glass, and the use of high powered 50 caliber rifles...NEI and NRC claim terrorists cannot get this weapon...assholes, you can buy a book on how to build one at home on for $17 and have it delivered by Friday.)

In this blog's effort to leave a tell tale story of "I told you so" behind for those who survive the terrorist attack or significant accident that will occur at one of America's Nuclear Facilities within the next ten years (statistical probability banks on this reality), I am going to share with you the reader what weapons I think are capable of taking out one of our nations 104 aging reactors, as well as areas of weakness in Nuclear Reactor Site Security and management from my own perspective using various EPRI documentation. It is my belief as an at risk Stakeholder that we are not adequately protected, and that it is actually possible to use several avenues of attack too take out a nuclear reactor, or cause a significant leak of radioactive contaminants into the environment without actually stepping one foot on the physical plant property.

In their usual fashion, the NRC will deny everything, and claim they cannot discuss our concerns as Stakeholders on the grounds of National Security...that is fine, does not change our right as citizens to outline and discuss our own security concerns as members of the affected Stakeholder Community. As Paul Simon would say, "I know what I know".

I might be wrong, but guessing here that the first, and maybe biggest risk not adequately discussed in the DBT for nuclear power plants is their Security Achilles Heel, which is the Sub Stations and High Tension Wires that hook them (reactors) into the Grid (Tell us NRC...isn't it true, that if you successfully cripple the grid you could potentially take down the reactor?). I tried to bring my concerns up in this area at a Public Meeting with the NRC, and was HUSHED UP with a promise of a PRIVATE MEETING to talk about my concerns at a future date and time...said meeting never occurred. I again brought up these concerns as a part of my formal request for a hearing on Safety Concerns relating to the License Renewal of Indian Point, but those concerns were dismissed. Not because they did not have merit, but because the three judge panel hearing the License Renewal Case felt I was disrespectful to them when I spoke MY TRUTH that they were and are Pro Industry Pricks.
When citizens who were ordered sheltered in place are dying in their homes from radioactive contamination, when hysterical anarchy has replaced the rule of law, those three judges can explain to the world why they ignored me, ignored my 500 pages of allegations. I am not about to apologize for speaking truth to bias self important ass holes who got their feelings hurt. Tell me, tell our community NRC how easy it would be to cripple Indian Point going after off site infrastructure? How come THAT IS NOT IN THE DBT? Tell me Richard Barkley, did you folks really think the Green Nuclear Butterfly, FUSE USA, the Grassroots Anti Environmental movement here in Westchester County and surrounding areas would just lay here and let you rape us, rape our community? Timing is everything you self serving arrogant pricks, and not it is MY TURN. There is more than one avenue to have a truth spoken, to have a truth heard. Indian Point from my perspective caused my wife's cancer, caused untold hundreds if not 1,000's of our young women to grieve the stillborn birth of their children, or to see their young child stricken with leukemia. Indian Point and all 104 Nuclear Power Reactors are vulnerable to terrorist attack, subject to catastrophic failure from reactor core embrittlement issues, and internal reactor core environmental degradation issues, not to mention the serious issues regarding the failure of UNDERGROUND PIPING...sadly, you know they are. It is my intent to use the intelligence God gave me to prove to the world that I am right on two counts.

1. That the Generic DBT and infrastructure improvements taken to harden nuclear facilities are inadequate to protect human health and the environment in the case of a significant nuclear incident and/or terrorist attack.

2. That the nuclear industry, EPRI, NEI, NRC, DOE, DOD and our United States Congress including Congressman John Hall know our nuclear reactors sites are vulnerable to both serious incidents caused from inadequate aging management issues, and terrorist attack, and are willing to put millions of Americans at risk in the name of a Nuclear Renaissance.

*NOTE-I challenge the three judge panel hearing the Indian Point License Renewal Case to make public their personal financial holdings (stocks, pensions, and the like) to prove they are not Pro Industry is suggested this should be an avenue looked into by such intervenors as the State of New York.

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