Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome To Green Nuclear Underground

To understand Green Nuclear Underground, I would encourage my readers to visit the original Anti-Nuclear blog known as the Green Nuclear Butterfly. As time allows, many of the more important articles from that blog will be moved over here, or at least cross linked. The nuclear industry is perpetrating a lie upon the people of America...this blog is not going to refute that lie, is not going to jump up and down screaming the Sky is Falling because we are far to aware of the fact that most people just don't care. As Global Warming and Radioactive Contaminates ruin our Mother Earth, they only care about enough power to fire up their IPod's.

Instead, this blog will cover nuclear news stories and events from the perspective of a long time anti-nuclear activist. We will tweak the nose of the Nuclear Industry, the NRC and Washington Politicians such as Mr. Fake Anti Nuclear Congressman John Hall at every opportunity. As time evolves, we hope to be the online resource many in the anti-nuclear movement go to as we build our side bar links list, and write worthwhile content. Lastly, the Green Nuclear Underground will serve as witness to the fact, "We Told You So".

If you are an Anti-Nuclear Activist and writer, and would like to get involved in this blog, please drop us an email. As a side note to this is the opinion of Green Nuclear Underground that you cannot separate the Military/Commercial Uranium Fuel is all part of the same ugly Siamese Twins that are the Nuclear Industry.

Unregistered Trademarked Green Nuclear Underground Blog is a PROUD MEMBER of Strike Force Publications, a stable of blogs owned and created by Sherwood Martinelli.

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