Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Reads Green Nuclear Underground...Do You?

So who is WATCHING Green Nuclear Underground, and is there a why to it?
A Message from Our CEO

Marcia Silvermanby Marcia Silverman
CEO, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

More than a quarter century ago, David Ogilvy shaped our firm's foundation. Not only are we steeped in his philosophy, creativity and commitment to our clients and employees, but we also incorporate his legendary approach to branding in the work we do each day. We are extremely proud of this heritage and the partnerships we have forged with some of the world's leading companies and organizations, including BP, Pfizer, LG Electronics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Unilever, the American Chemistry Council and LexisNexis.

As a 27-year veteran of Ogilvy PR, I am constantly amazed and impressed by the people I work with and the qualities they possess and I am not alone. These qualities have been recognized in the industry and by our peers. From "Buzz Factor" to “Who Would you Hire in a Crisis” to "Who Would You Hire as Your Next Agency," Ogilvy ranked atop every list of PRWeek’s third Agency Excellence Survey.

Everyone at Ogilvy PR took great personal pride in our victories in WPP’s first ever WPPed Cream Awards. Given the caliber of the competition, to have won the top honor, the "Crème de la Crème" award for our corporate social responsibility work for Amararaja Batteries was truly exciting. We were also gratified to win the B2B award in the PR category for our work for Mercury Interactive.

Our dominance in the Asia-Pacific region was underscored by 23 honors in the 2007 Asia Pacific PR Awards, which included half of all "Campaign of the Year" awards and our Asia-Pacific president/CEO Christopher Graves named "PR Professional of the Year."

Who Do These Folk Represent That They Are WATCHING ME?

AMCOR:How do you get the green light from employees for implementing energy-efficient practices?Read Case Study
American Chemistry Council:How do you build a reputation for an industry by demonstrating how essential their products are to our lives?Read Case Study
American Express:How do you give American Express first-class appeal in Germany?Read Case Study
American Express:How can a technology update be used to re-establish brand values?Read Case Study
Amerida Hess:How do you demonstrate need in the face of steadfast opposition?Read Case Study
Astra Zeneca:How do you prepare a patient to face and fight breast cancer?Read Case Study
Aveeno:How do you introduce a new beauty product into a crowded marketplace?
Read Case Study
BAND-AID®:How do you help an iconic brand stay relevant?Read Case Study
BP:How do you rebrand a group of recently merged oil companies as a unified global energy company?Read Case Study ( could lie? Hire a PR Firm to Lie FOR YOU?)
Brocade :How do you turn a courageous endeavor into a message of endurance and sustainability?Read Case Study

Brocade is an industry leader in data center networking solutions and services that enable organizations to manage their most vital information assets.

California Department of Education:How do you communicate to parents the importance of quality child care?Read Case Study (This is PAY FOR THE CHILD CARE?)
California Public Utilities Commission:How do you connect underserved populations to affordable phone access?Read Case Study (Is this a trick question on Illegal Aliens?...Mexican Drug Lords?)
Carpet and Rug Institute:How do you roll out an energetic new perception of the carpet industry?
Read Case Study
Case Study Happy Smurfday :How do you celebrate the 50th anniversary of your childhood’s heroes?
Read Case Study (YOU ASKING ME?...uhhh...a trip to Hooters?)
CDW:Is it possible to create a platform for visibility using unique points of view?Read Case Study (Just visit a few of my blogs and you know that is a BIG YES.)

Information technology products, expertise, customer support and competitive pricing tailored to fit the unique needs of education, government and ...

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Screen for Life:How do you increase colorectal screening rates among Americans aged 50 and older?Read Case Study (Just my own guess as one over 50...public awareness campaign coupled with efforts to make screening for affordable. How much did I just get paid for answering that question for you CDC? God, it amazes me how our government can WASTE MONEY.)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention HIV at Work:How do you overcome stigma and leverage the power of business and labor in the fight against HIV/AIDS?Read Case Study
(Sadly, you don't...some prejudices and fears run too deep.)
Citrix Online:Is there a cure for the Shrinking Holiday Syndrome?Read Case Study (Shaking head...GOD, I HATE THAT WHOLE SHS thing..."Santa Hates Snoopers"...can see the baseball caps now, the three letters worked into a Logo that includes Santa Clause...nice dark forest green ball caps, logo done in it that CLASSY upper shelf look. Maybe CITRIX should do a take off on this...SHI..."Santa Hates Interruptions"...Santa could be sitting in his Den at home with Ms. Clause (a HOT strawberry blond vixen can be Ms. Clause...she can be playing with a couple of ADORABLE know the a fireplace) doing some shopping ONLINE when one of his elves calls! BRILLIANT...DANG, CITRIX should have called me, I could have had some FUN with this one!
Department of Homeland Security:How do you prepare the leaders of today for the crises of tomorrow?Read Case Study They could start with some REAL HONESTY, and couple that with ENFORCEMENT OF OUR LAWS...why should be trust a government agency that is fine with 12 million Illegal Aliens (each violating at least four laws) stealing our jobs, and bringing a certain criminal taint to our communities...sure, I AM GOING TO FOLLOW THEIR DIRECTIONS...NOT!
DuPont:How do you boost brand equity and consolidate communications for a 200-year-old company?Read Case Study JUMPING UP AND NOW...CALL ME, CALL ME, I know the answer to this one...THEY OUT SOURCED COMMUNICATIONS!
Euronav:How do you communicate the ecological quest of a global oil-shipping company?Read Case Study Rolling on FLOOR LAUGHING to avoid crying...OMG, I JUST PISSED MYSELF...NEXT!
European Commission:How do you highlight the past, present, and future of European research?
Read Case Study
European Commission European Research Council:How do you help launch the next generation of research leaders in Europe?Read Case Study OK EC, sure you paid this company BIG BUCKS to get the answer to this one, but off the top of my head...a couple of GREAT PSA's (Public Service Announcements) tied into some really nice SCHOLARSHIPS! OMFG...F'ing can send me a check!
FEMA:How do you surge awareness for a natural disaster that most homeowners and businesses believe will never impact their lives?Read Case Study You mean like a SIGNIFICANT NUCLEAR ACCIDENT or TERRORIST ATTACK on say the Indian Point Nuclear Reactors on the Hudson River? This is a TOUGH ONE, since Entergy, NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute), NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and FEMA spend a lot of time at Public Hearings trying to tell us we are too WORRIED about such an event occuring. CAN WE SAY OUCH and FUCK YOU in the same breath?
Freight Corp:How do you prepare a workforce for an imminent change in ownership?Read Case Study This one is EASY...happens here in America on a regular basis. Can you say PINK SLIPS?
HHS Pandemic Influenza:How do you convince community leaders not accustomed to responding to health crises to prepare for tomorrow’s influenza pandemic? Case Study I find pictures of Dead Bodies or dying children is always a good ploy...Charities use this tactic all the time in seeking donations. WHAT? Truth uncomfortable?
How do you conquer the fashion scene?:How do you conquer the fashion scene? cpz Ogilvy Public Relations was asked to draw the public’s attention to Motorola’s high class activity that took place around the Berlin Fashion Week.Read Case Study HOT CHICS...HOT CHICS ALWAYS DRAW A CROWD...even at FASHION WEEK. Think spokesperson with TITS. Not politically correct, but VERY TRUE. On a serious note...find it rather disgusting that JOURNALIST sold themselves out for a expensive dinner and a free phone...curious here, how many people would NOT BUY Motorala's FASHION STATEMENT ACCESSORY if they knew ALL THE BUZZ WAS FAKE?...see below statement fromOgilvy website:
To position the brand in this uniquely fashionable surrounding, Motorola played a central role in three consecutive steps for selected opinion leaders of the fashion and design scene. The must-join event started with an exclusive, privately-held dinner for invited journalists in Berlin’s famous restaurant Guy. During the dinner, Motorola’s new mobiles were presented before every journalist received a Motorola phone as a give away. All in all, eight of the most important German lifestyle and tech journalists joined the dinner. You scratch my back, and I will SCRATCH YOURS is alive and much for Journalistic Integrity.
How do you convince drivers to equip their cars with particulate filters?:How do you convince drivers to equip their cars with particulate filters?Read Case Study UHHHH...Make them STANDARD EQUIPMENT. DAMN, I am ON A ROLL.
Hudson Highland Group:How quickly can a new brand become a respected source for compelling information?Read Case Study Define COMPELLING INFORMATION.
IBM:How do you tell the story of a technology giant’s new core values to strengthen corporate culture?Read Case Study NEW CORE mean like laying off American Workers as you OUT SOURCE JOBS while at the same time you have your hand out for STIMULUS CASH? Those values? Change your name to IBS (You can claim it stands for International Business Solutions (FUUUUCK, that's GOOD...DAMN GOOD), and people like me can say it stands for I've Been Screwed! NEXT!
LensCrafters:How do you transform a company’s brand image from discount retailer to a purveyor of style?Read Case Study I know LENS need an IMAGE makeover in your stores. Something SLEEK, thinking BLACK AND know, stylish, elegant. BIG L Big C as in LC know, new LOGO Lens Crafters...maybe BLACK OVAL, GOLD LETTERING...eye always like that...GOLD OVAL GLASSES as a part of it. Let me work on this and get back to you on it.
LG Electronics:How can a Korean-based electronics company known for low cost home appliances become a leader in the global electronics industry?Read Case Study
LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A.:How do you cut through the clutter of cell phone publicity and raise awareness for a new text-messaging phone?Read Case Study
FIRST THING YOU GUYS NEED TO DO IS LOSE THAT GOD FORKING UGLY LOGO!'s...well, so LOW GRADE! hmmm...LG low grade...we may be on to something here guys. I might have found the heart of the issue.
Lipton: Rethink the Drink:Is it possible to make a brand steeped in history hot to a new generation of tea drinkers?Read Case Study It is, but your packaging approach IS BORING...which is probably why I brew Lipton for sun tea, but buy bottled tea from other companies.
London Underground:How do you keep a world class city on the move?
Read Case Study A new transit system? More of those CUTE Black Taxi's they have? DRUGS...thinking some really good's really been gaining ground lately, even President Obama is talking about it! A SURE FIRE WINNER.
Louis Vuitton:How can bloggers bring a new brand message to consumers?
Read Case Study Here is a CLUE...find some bloggers that are cutting edge, that have a certain EDGY FLAIR to their blogs, and pay them to get a different blog and launch something that can fit Louis Vuitton into the scheme and plan of it....WHAT A RADICAL IDEA, PAYING US BLOGGERS INSTEAD OF WANTING OUR TALENTS FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Medco Energi:How do you prepare a company to become a world-class industry leader?
Read Case Study A CORPORATE RETREAT at a VERY EXPENSIVE hotel in a very desirable location (thinking say Maui) with lots of debauchery and SEX...SEX ALWAYS raises spirits!...OK, OK, that was sexist,so leave out the sex part, and just settle on debauchery and over indulgence to a point of being obscene...that is always a winner.
Medtronic :How do you activate patients to encourage Congress to support life-saving legislation?
Read Case Study WHY BOTHER...just go straight to K Street and by pass citizens like the rest of Corporate America does.
Microsoft:How do you elevate consumer interest in a new version of an old program?Read Case Study HEY BILL...wait for its release until all the KINKS are worked out of it instead of dumping a CRAPPY UPGRADE on us that we cannot back out of without paying you ransom money.
Microsoft Vista:How do you make a global software launch relevant to Australians?
Read Case Study DUDES! VISTA SUCKS MAN! Seriously...VISTA SUCKS.
Motorola :How do you use an international soccer star to launch a luxury phone?Read Case Study This one is EASY...think about Phelps and Coca Cola...sign the guy to a ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR DEAL, then get him into a WORLD CLASS SCANDAL with some hot tart that gets him (and thus your product) into all the tabloids, and most cable news networks without actually having to buy commercials.
Museo Guggenheim Bilbao:Read Case Study That has got to be the UGLIEST Logo or attempt at one I have EVER SEEN...MGB with a really great contemporary line drawing of the human form....NEXT.
National Kidney Disease Education Program:How do you urge high risk Americans to talk to their doctor about chronic kidney disease? Read Case Study Let me get a couple of fingers of Single Malt and think about this one.
NexCen Brands:How do you transform a company “spokescow” into an udderly fashionable icon?
Read Case Study Spokes cow, cliche I have to wipe the barf off my screen. Keep it about KEEPING YOUR LOGO, but completing the square with three COLORED boxes on the bottom left? BRILLIANT, Fing BRILLIANT...keep it simple stupid...maybe your name UNDER the box.
Planned Parenthood California:How do you reach key voters on a shoestring budget?Read Case Study I'd suggest some event with Illegal Aliens, but most of them being Latin are Catholic, and well.... you know..........................
Qantas:How do you convince a red kangaroo to go green?Read Case Study Explain to them how much FREE ADVERTISING Qantas (one of the most distinctive and recognized logo's in the world from the down under) could be by simply changing the RED to GREEN, and partnering that tail change with a huge PRESS RELEASE that Qantas is GOING GREEN to do their part to address Global Warming.
Sustainable Development Ministry "Grenelle de l'environnement":Read Case Study
The Heart Truth Fashion Show live:Live from the Runway! View The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection 2009 Fashion Show live at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.View Featured Event They would have gotten a LOT MORE ATTENTION hooking up with a Hybrid, or better yet a SEXY EV (Electric Vehicle) maybe Tesla or Tango.
The Heart Truth/Red Dress Project:How do you make women care about cardiovascular health — when they think it’s a "man’s disease"?Read Case Study Some great Spokeswomen that are willing to hit the TALK SHOW CIRCUIT on an awareness Campaign.
Toshiba:How do you use talk about mobility and trust to better position an industry leader? Read Case Study
Unilever:What can a “yummy-mummy” and her team of Comfort-eers do for a fabric softener?Read Case Study STOP BEING SO SICKENING SWEET...CUTE IS A TURN OFF WHEN OVER DONE. It's like the Charmin commercials with the bears pulling toilet paper off a limb. Stop using the product, and have not gone back.
University of Chicago :How do you make Washington recognize the important contributions of a university-directed research lab?Read Case Study You create a unnecessary Position for the wife of an up and coming Senator, pay her far more than she is worth, and then reap the benefits when her husband gets into the White House...OH, never mind, you already did that.
Virgin America:An in-flight wedding, a star-studded entourage, and plenty of Vegas style – how else do you help a provocative airline take flight? Read Case Study Lord Branson will LOVE THIS ONE...Virgin GREEN, an IN AIR GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE! OMFG...QUICK, get me BRANSON ON THE PHONE...did I mention I could pass as his brother?...his BROKE BROTHER....LOL
Woolworths:How do you empower employees to become advocates of sustainable solutions?Read Case Study Start a Green Grants program where local store managers can apply for grants to fund local GREEN EFFORTS...OH MY GOD...I need more Scotch!
WTC Health Registry:How do you get people to think about a day they would like to forget? Read Case Study Janet Napolitano has given you the PERFECT FREE IN...go to the airwaves expressing your anger and dismay that she has decided it far more politically correct to call events like 9/11 Man Made Disasters instead of TERRORIST ATTACKS...low life ignorant bitch...whoops...sorry, have to be politically correct here...misguided re labeling.
Xerox Office Group:How do you demonstrate to small businesses the value of color printing?Read Case Study We KNOW THE VALUE OF IT, we just cannot afford 40 cents a copy for it at Staples!
By the way Marcia...found your pitch to companies about helping them start a blog, or designing and entire SOCIAL NETWORK...wondering how many if any HARD CORE, LONG TERM, ORIGINAL CONTENT bloggers you have working behind the scenes, giving you advice on how to get these Corporate Blogs not only SEEN, but respected in the Blogosphere? Can you tell us here in the Blogosphere some blogs you have created that actually have a DECENT Technoratti ranking? Like your Blog Services page says, BIG QUESTIONS.

Big Questions

Can you help my company start a blog?

The short answer is – yes. The more useful answer is that we can help you create a complete social media strategy that will support your idea of a blog or lead you to other ways to engage with your customers and stakeholders via social media.

Setting up and running a blog is tactical and we cannot say without context if it is the right thing to do. Still, we are experts at not just social media strategy but practical implementation as well. We have created social media strategies that have led to blog programs for clients as diverse as Lenovo and Select Comfort.

Our 360° Digital Influence team are the global leaders in using social media to build word of mouth programs. Bold claim? It is and it is true. We have developed a global team across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific who are not only strategists but bloggers, social network experts, and digital marketing specialists.

We can help you create your strategy, train your team internally and deploy complex social media-based programs the right way. And, we can also help you start a blog or a hundred blogs. We can help with not just the simple software but the more important decisions like who will blog, guidelines for their blogging and commenting, and visibility strategies to make the blogs “popular’ with the right people.

Learn about and connect with the 360° Digital Influence team.
See the Lenovo blogs.
Visit the Select Comfort blogs.
Find cases related to blogging and social media.

View all questions and answers.


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