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The FATAL FLAWS In Canada 72 Hour Shelter In Place Propaganda Crusade

I routinely visit the National Terrorist Alert website where today I stumbled upon an article on Canada's Propaganda Campaign aimed at getting its citizens to spend their money, time and effort purchasing, putting together a Shelter In Place Supply Kit. The first thing I thought of after reading the article, and watching their little You Tube video was, "Fatally Flawed". Being one who lives just three miles down the road from the rat infested (think management) aging, troubled plagued set of Entergy reactors known as Indian Point, I know just a little bit about non working Emergency Evacuation Plans, and the governments desire to change public expectations so that we will selflessly Shelter In see, dead bodies inside our houses are so much easier to locate and identify once the danger has passed and First Responders can send in the body bags. Rather than prattle on, let me share with you:

1. The Canadian Press Release.
2. Their You Tube Video
3. My comment response left on the National Security Website.

Canada's Press Release
Is Your Family Prepared?

Mar 02, 2009 10:15 ET

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 2, 2009) -

NOTE TO EDITORS: A video, audio clips and photos are included with this release.

Minister Launches New Advertising on Emergency Preparedness

- New television and Internet advertising about emergency preparedness was unveiled today by the Honourable Peter Van Loan, Minister of Public Safety.

- The advertising supports the "72 hours...Is Your Family Prepared?" social marketing campaign, designed to improve Canada's readiness to prepare for and respond to an emergency by mobilizing families to take three practical steps:

- Know the risks in their area

- Make a family emergency plan

- Get a family emergency kit

- The television ad works backwards in time to show a family successfully coping through 72 hours of an emergency situation, thanks to having prepared an emergency kit.

- Minister Van Loan presented the television ads to a group of 60 emergency management specialists and first responders being trained at the Canadian Emergency Management College.


The Honourable Peter Van Loan, Minister of Public Safety: "Preparing for an emergency is a responsibility we all share. Having a plan and an emergency kit to cope with the first 72 hours of an emergency can make a world of difference in keeping a family safe and comfortable, and helps first responders to focus their resources on those in urgent need." Click for Audio File.

Louise Geoffrion, Program Manager, Canadian Red Cross: "We always try to get the message out that everyone has to be prepared. In the case of an emergency, everybody has a role to play. That's why we train people in first aid and CPR and tell people to have an emergency kit. Being prepared yourself could mean saving the life of a loved one." Click for Audio File.

Les Johnson, Director of Client Services, St. John Ambulance: "Many of the things we take for granted such as drug stores and bank machines might be closed in an emergency so it's absolutely vital to have a back-up plan just in case. And knowing that emergency supplies are on hand and in one place gives you peace of mind and a sense of security." Click for Audio File.

Rick Larabie, Ottawa Fire Chief / Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs:

"First responders are trained to be prepared for any kind of emergency. But it always helps when people take steps on their own to stay informed and safe so that emergency workers can focus on those who need help quickly and urgently. Doing your part to prepare yourself, your home and your families helps all of us to help you." Click for Audio File.

A emergency prepardness guide is available here

A shopping list of emergency kit items is available here

2. Canada's You Tube Video

3. My Homeland Security comments:

The 72 Hour kit is a bit of a hoax perpetrated on the masses. I am a stakeholder living less than three miles from the trouble prone Entergy nuclear reactors known as Indian Point…as example, they just recently has a MAJOR radiated water leak (100,000 gallons)due to a ruptured pipe at this ancient facility.

We have an Emergency Evacuation plan…what is interesting, is a nuclear plant cannot operate without one…OK SO FAR. Problem is, the NRC has come to realize these evacuation plans will not work in the case of a significant event at the plants (terrorist attack, or a significant release of radioactive materials into the environment). Because of this, they have started (wrongfully) reshaping public expectations, pushing us to accept the reality of Sheltering In Place, reliance upon said 72 hour kit. First, since it is the Nuclear Industry that is creating this need for a 72 hour kit, why aren’t they or the NRC being required to SUPPLY STAKEHOLDERS with said kits at their expense?

Secondly, there are some major flaws and/or propaganda problems with this so called 72 hour Sheltering Scenario…first, we can look at Hurricane Katrina as one example of this, but there are far more worrisome ones.

1. The CDC (Centers For Disease Control) website has Sheltering in Place in the case of a terrorist attack using certain biological and/or nuclear devices (suitcase nuke) lasting up to two weeks (or longer).

2. Why isn’t Canada and the United States and their NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) talking about the biggest problem associated with Sheltering in Place…Hypothermia. Read the sheltering in place criteria (we get them once a year here with our Emergency Management Booklet)and the first thing you are told to do is TURN OFF YOUR HEAT, shut the dampers on your fireplace or wood stove. Tell me sirs, how long can you last sheltering in place if you house temperature drops to say ten above zero? How much does that figure dwindle if say I am 70 years of age, and not in the best of health?

Lastly, lets talk about matters of Economic Justice when it comes to these 72 hour kits…right now as example, we have 12.5 million Americans out of work, and the economy has not finished bottoming out yet. Even in the best of times there are millions of Americans living at or below the poverty level that CANNOT AFFORD THESE 72 HOUR KITS…what about them?

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