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Loose Links Sink Ships...Or Make Nuclear Reactors Vulnerable?

National Security in Toilet?
Another one of those, "Why do they put this up on the internet?" questions. I mean, why wave a red flag in front of a bull, or give a hacker (or terrorist) a clue that they should spend some time trying to BREAK IN HERE? Oit cruising the internet, doing various Google Searches I had this message POP UP when I visited one of the links brought up in a search...the message is bad enough, but then they give you the LINK to go find out how to GET AN ACCOUNT! Our Homeland Security at its finest...but then, in light of Janet Napolitano's inability to conduct Work Place Enforcement Raids to find illegal aliens, this is not surprising...GOOD JOB THERE JANET!

WARNING! US Government computer systems are provided for the processing of official USG information only. Use of this system is restricted to authorized users. The system is monitored to ensure information security, system integrity, and the limitation of use to official purposes. The use of USG computer systems constitutes consent to monitoring as an integral part of system management. If you do not consent to monitoring or are not an authorized user of this system, exit this system now.

Don't have an Intelink-U account? Visit the remote access website for more information about how to obtain an account:

Now lets visit this link, and see what it reveals! AS we do this, lets keep in mind that nuclear reactors such as Entergy's Indian Point are now heavily reliant on this Federal Government example of indepth security similiar to what the NRC trots out at Public Meetings when they tell us that the computers and communications systems used in their communications with Reactor Control Rooms is safe, vital and secure? (My Commentary in Red.)


DNI-U is the network infrastructure portion of the system formerly known as the Open Source Information System (OSIS). In mid 2006, the name OSIS which referred to both the network and the content was retired. The network and content portions were decoupled. The network piece is now named DNI-U while the content piece is named Intelink-U.

The DNI-U network is maintained by the DNI-CIO Intelligence Community Enterprise Services office (ICES).

What is DNI-U Remote Access (RA)?

An RA account allows any user who meets the eligibility criteria to access DNI-U network from any computer that is connected to the Internet and has a web browser that is Sockets Layer Secure Sockets Layer (i.e. SSL)-enabled.

If you are someone who needs remote access to more than web-based content, or have been instructed to download the appropriate client-based VPN desktop application, please review the download page. (A DOWNLOAD PAGE...amazing...where if you just scroll down you find this link ! Sure a good hacker would know how to come up with an acceptable way around the login/password screen?)

Do I need a DNI-U Remote Access account to access DNI-U?

It depends.

If your organization is on one of the networks listed below and you are accessing the network from within your organization's intranet, then you do not need an RA account.

  • Department of State, OpenNet+

  • Department of Justice, Law Enforcement OnLine

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation, Unet

  • Central Intelligence Agency, AIN

  • Department of Defense, NIPRNET

If you are currently an OSIS RA user, then you do not need a new account.

If your organization is on one of the above networks and you want to access DNI-U from outside of your organization's intranet, then you need an RA account. (Which they tell you exactly HOW TO GET? MAKES PERFECT SENSE...NOT!)

If your organization is not listed above and you want to access DNI-U, then you need an RA account. (We shall assume here this message is talking to Al Quida? Seriously DHS, what gives? I am the uneducated, unemployed 50 something Boomer, and you guys are the SECURITY EXPERTS...what is this shit doing ONLINE and so easily accessible?)


You are a CIA AIN user at CIA Headquarters and want to access DNI-U. To access DNI-U, you simply log in to AIN and go to and you are there.

You are a CIA AIN user and want to access DNI-U from home. You will need to have an RA account and access DNI-U by going to and you are there.

So, if a terrorist follows the directions, requests access, and some CLERICAL PERSON, some overworked Federal Employee screws up and passes through their request, a terrorist could SIT AT HOME IN THEIR CAVE IN SAY AFGHANISTAN and cruise the files at will?

What is the eligibility criteria for obtaining an RA account?

Please review the Eligibility Criteria. LOL...see above statement. So, you even tell everyone WHAT THE ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA ARE? OK Joe Terrorist, when you fill out your application form (which you folks GIVE THEM) these are the criteria...we want to make sure you have the best chance possible to get past our security measures!

How do I apply for an RA account?

Submit the Form to dni-ices-accounts @ or by fax to Enterprise Services 24x7 operations center 1 (443) 479-2869.

Army users may find information on AKO at:


  • By submitting the request, you certify that you meet the DNI-U eligibility criteria.

  • Please answer all questions, marking N/A for questions that do not apply.

  • Please use your professional email address, for example .gov,.mil, .edu, .org to email the completed form to accounts @

  • ANYONE ELSE NOTICE A SERIOUS SECURITY FLAW HERE? Most honest people see and they see NON PROFIT good guys of one sort or another. I can get a account online in less than two minutes! I'd be happy to demonstrate this fact, but only if we use a government credit card...sorry, not using my credit card to make a point with DHS.


Office of the Director of National Intelligence - CIO

Intelligence Community Enterprise Services - Operations Center

Phone: 301-688-1800 (DSN) 644-1800

Only guessing here, but the above email address tells me there is web site?  

Internetworking Connections

These services are the transport of, and access to, high-speed networks. Access to these networks is available to eligible government agencies through the ICES Network Operations and Engineering division. These connectivity services establish the link between an organization's communication backbone and the DNI-U network.

ICES can provide secure and reliable connectivity solutions for any size organization, function, or service. Web sites for individual programs to large organizations will all benefit by being connected to the fast fully-meshed VPN backbone utilizing a world-class network infrastructure, and monitored by certified system and network administrators.

To request a change to an existing circuit connection or to request a new connection please download the DNI-U Connection Requst Form [WORD DOC] and submit according to the instructions included.

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